Arvoia, a leading mobility and travel technology company is doing its utmost to assist those people most affected by the Covid-19 virus in Ireland.

Arvoia’s social mobility product is currently being used by Clare County Council to match private drivers to those within the community in most need by providing a free rideshare program via a simple to use app.

Arvoia and Clare County Council have made the decision to repurpose the service and technology to meet the needs of the community during this public health care emergency.

Instead of offering lifts to members of the community, the app will now enable volunteer drivers to offer help to those who cannot make certain journeys at this time. Collection and delivery of essential items such as medication, food, taking the dog for a walk or posting a letter can make a huge impact. People who are not in a position (or don’t feel comfortable) to travel themselves, can request a ‘lift’ from volunteer ‘drivers’ who are willing and able to run the errand.

We would encourage as many people as possible to download the app and get involved.

Commenting on the repurpose of the app, Mike Webster, Arvoia CEO, noted that

one of the original objectives of the scheme was to tackle the problem of rural isolation. We now find ourselves in a position where many more people are isolated due to the health emergency. I want to thank both teams for their efforts in the last two weeks to get this service to those who are in most need”

The response of local communities to the health emergency was the driving force behind the decision to repurpose the app. Volunteers within the community saw the need to help their neighbours by offering to bring essential supplies to those who were not able to make the trip themselves.

“Local people had already mobilised to help others in their community. We felt that using the Clare Local Lift service to deliver essential services would help to co-ordinate matching drivers and those in the community who needed the help the most” remarked Margaret Cotter, Rural & Community Development Officer at Clare County Council. “We’re conscious that people may not want to travel for a variety of reasons, and we are proud that we created a service where those requiring assistance can be matched up with the wonderful volunteers that we have in the community”

The Clare Local Lift app will now be exclusively focused on offering help and services to those in need, as opposed to offering lifts to people. We will continue to provide the service in its current format as long as necessary.

Those wishing to avail of the service can download the app on Google Play store and register their details within the app. Find out more at


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