Arvoia’s 2021 Award Winners

Every year we take a moment to recognise those that have delivered an outstanding performance for our business, team, and company culture. Before Christmas, we held our annual awards ceremony virtually to celebrate our remarkable achievements from 2021. 

And our 2021 winners are...

The Affinity Award

This award recognises the ability to work and deliver as part of a team, support others, and display strong collaboration. Our 2021 Affinity Award winner is David Scully.

A bit about David

David joined Arvoia in 2019 and is a senior Java developer. He started his programming career as a QA tester developing automated test suites for various clients.

I then decided to focus more on developing software and join Arvoia to both test myself and to grow as a developer. I'm happy to report that's exactly what happened here, and I'm delighted to be a part of this wonderful team and the projects we get to work on here.”

Things you may not know about David: As seen in the background of the Zoom calls, he enjoys playing the guitar. He was born in Limerick and grew up in a little village called Murroe. He enjoys playing online video games with friends and could end up playing anything from first-person shooters to mini-golf.

David Scully is a senior Java developer at Arvoia and has won one of our 2021 awards


The Spotlight Award

This company award recognises someone who has had a massive impact on the team and has displayed the qualities and attitude that we value. Our 2021 Spotlight Award winner is Colm Lynch.

A bit about Colm

Colm joined Arvoia in 2016 and is now our Tech Lead. He leads and supports the design, implementation, and delivery of our technical solutions with our development teams while ensuring alignment with the company's product direction. Colm brings over 15 years of experience as a software engineer implementing and delivering enterprise software across various sectors.

I work closely with the leadership team and clients to ensure the solutions delivered exceed client expectations.

Things you may not know about Colm: Originally hailing from Kilkenny, he spent most of his career in Dublin before finally settling in Kerry. Outside of work, he likes competing in triathlons, reading, watching movies, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

Colm Lynch is the Tech Lead at Arvoia and has won one of our 2021 awards


The Chairman’s Award

The final award for 2021 goes to the individual the leadership team believes has delivered an outstanding impact and really represents the best of us. This award recognises the individual who embodies what we are about - our company culture, our values, and our desire to consistently deliver outstanding experiences. Our 2021 Chairman’s Award winner is Niamh Murphy.

“I work across the Arvoia development teams to plan, support, and manage our delivery projects. We work in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment - while it can be challenging, I am learning more every day.”

A bit about Niamh

Niamh has been with Arvoia since the very beginning, nearly ten years, and is an incredible Scrum Master. She has an in-depth understanding of our customers, our product and the delivery process, along with experience from mobility and air. She expertly manages the delivery across all Arvoia’s teams.

Things you may not know about Niamh: Niamh is originally from Cobh, Co. Cork. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her partner, family & friends. In addition, Niamh loves to cook, is an avid reader, horror movie addict, and live music enthusiast.

Niamh Murphy is a Scrum Master at Arvoia and has won one of our 2021 awards


About Arvoia

Founded in 2014 and based in Kerry, Ireland, Arvoia has deployed the most advanced booking intelligence solution for the hospitality industry. Our platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, transforms booking engines and hotels’ websites to deliver outstanding tailored experiences for guests. As our AI models analyse and comprehend customer behaviour, we personalise each traveller's booking journey to meet their needs and present them with the most valuable and appealing offerings and content. 

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